How Many People Died From Chernobyl? Probably More Than A Million

Nuclear industry pundits, propagandists, and astroturfers would like you to believe that the health and environmental effects of catastrophes such as Chernobyl are insignificant. Reality is that the health effects are much larger than the industry and its supporters will admit.

The New York Academy of Sciences published a study by renowned scientists that compiles thousands of studies completed mainly in Slavic that the UN’s groups ignored due to politics and a lack of independence from nuclear industry influence. It’s a landmark work that I recommend everyone interested read.

The authors show that to date more than one million deaths have occurred due to the Chernobyl nuclear radiation catastrophe. This is far more than the tiny numbers claimed by the nuclear industry. Further, the other health effects are enormous. Childhood disease, birth defects, and numerous other health effects have devastated vast areas in the Ukraine and Belarus.

The health effects of Chernobyl and, unfortunately, Fukushima will haunt the world for generations to come.

Here is the PDF of the book for your convenience:

Professor Karl Grossman interviewed the consulting editor, Janette D. Sherman-Nevinger regarding the study on his excellent television program. If you are not up to reading the entire study, I do recommend you watch this video:

Fukushima Daiichi: Truly A Nuclear Radiation Catastrophe

Nuclear industry apologists, pundits, vested interests, and public relations professionals would love you to believe that the Fukushima Daiichi was not really catastrophic. Even the Washington Post recently published an editorial (PDF at Beyond Nuclear) with the misleading and callous statement:

“Following the scary but ultimately non-catastrophic Fukushima nuclear crisis…”

which has lead to outrage from good people who know better. I am not sure what motivated the Washington Post to publish such a trivializing misrepresentation, but it certainly had nothing to do with understanding the facts.

Fukushima most certainly has been a catastrophic event due to the multiple meltdowns and the massive amounts of radiation spewed forth into the world. Here are some numbers and facts regarding very real effects to date caused  radioactive catastrophe:

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