Hon Karuizawa Map

I recently started publishing the single page “Hon Karuizawa Map” (in Japanese 「本軽井沢マップ」) website.

“Hon Karuizawa” (本軽井沢) is the name of the zone within Karuizawa Town where the majority of the tourist attractions are located. The entire zone is accessible via walking or by bicycle from Karuizawa Station.

The Hon Karuizawa Map is actually a series of activity specific maps for visitors and residents in Karuizawa. The maps are PDF format and can be freely downloaded from the site.

Currently the maps include seven types of activity specific maps such as Hotels, French dining, Italian dining, Karuizawa Toast (Karuizawa’s wonderful french toast venues), Soba restaurants, Bars, and Nightlife.

I’ll be adding more maps as time goes on. Please feel free to download the maps and use them when you visit Karuizawa, Japan’s premier mountain resort.