Solar Implications For Pumped Hydro In Japan

Thanks to Wikipedia for this wonderful photo of the Yomikaki pumped hydro power station.

Mountainous Japan has enormous pumped hydroelectricity storage potential. In fact, there are numerous pumped hydro stations already built in tandem with the now shut down nuclear plants. A recent development in Germany could remake the usefulness of these peak power generators.

Cheap solar power during afternoon peaks could double the number of pumped hydro cycles from one to two times per day. This sounds boring but the  implications are quite large.

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Power Play – Germany : Great Short Film on Energy Revolution [Video]

Journeyman Films has a great short film on the energy revolution happening in Germany. It focuses on two villages, Schönau and Feldheim.

One interesting point is that the film translates the German term for feed-in tariffs as ‘subsidies’. According to Renewables International, the word actually translates as “funding”:

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