Japan Feed-in Tariff Overviews in English

A couple of really well done reviews of Japan’s new FITs are now available. General take is that the FITs appear a bit high on initial examination, but probably not too high based on Japan’s desire for rapid adoption of renewable energy. I recommend everyone read these!

Japanese Proposed Tariffs Submitted
– World’s Highest Feed-in Tariffs
– Differentiated by Technology But Otherwise Little Further Differentiation
– Are the Tariffs too High?
Paul Gipe has done a thorough overview of the new Japanese renewable energy FITs at his excellent Wind-works.org website.

Japanese feed-in tariffs committee report
@Kf_Lenz has also put together an excellent and nuanced examination of the tariffs.  I agree with his outlook that the tariffs are not too aggressive when one considers the costs of business in Japan as well as the desire for rapid uptake of renewables by the nation.

Are there any other good analysis reports of the new Japanese FITs on the internets? Please let me know!

4 thoughts on “Japan Feed-in Tariff Overviews in English

  1. Thank you for sharing the collection. Great move in Japan. The international comparison of FIT would benefit from considering how it relates to the consumer prices for electricity and how it will be financed. In early 2011, solar electricity was subsidized by 48 yen / kWh for 10 years. The 3kW system we put on the roof will pay back within 11-13 years. Totally missing from the Japanese proposal are wave and tidal energy. Also cogeneration, with its 30-40% savings on primary energy and pollution should be considered for a small FIT.

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